Work meetings will be held on first Saturdays at 10am and third Thursdays at 7pm. Refer to the calendar page for reference and scheduling of any special events. Happy planting!


The map page has been updated for 2014.

Potato Soup recipe added to Recipes page.


Our first garden meeting of the year is scheduled for Saturday, March 15th, at 10:00am. See you at the garden!


Groundhog day is tomorrow, and the plot assignment meeting will be scheduled for early March, so get those applications in y'all!


We are a private garden group on the grounds of Westminster Presbyterian Church on Clayton and Pennsylvania Avenue. We are roughly half church members, and half non-parishoners from the surrounding neighborhood. The garden was started in 2011 as a community outreach project, and is funded by us, the gardeners. If you are interested in having a plot, please inquire with the church. There are often vacancies open at the beginning of each year.

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